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Gain an Edge Over Your Competition

Specialized events to increase the value of your new generational leaders!

EDGE Challenges offers a unique opportunity to support the development of younger generational leaders.  Blending competitive gaming with an executive-level leadership curriculum, we help leaders elevate their abilities to the next level. We focus on developing the skills and competencies that are in the greatest demand today: strategic thinking, cross-functional communication, operational-strategic planning, and how to execute strategies. Our workshops are experiential, enabling people to personally validate the lessons. Our online learning resources bring a new light to the art and science of leadership. The goal is simple! to help you quickly develop a competitive edge that will make you a sought-out leader.





Advanced Leader Program

Challenge yourself, hone your strengths, and have fun

Gain self-awareness of your strengths; develop competencies and self-confidence that will put you ahead of your peers.

Leadership Advantages

Use elite courses that are accessible and portable

Gain lifetime access to our online courses designed to help you think, communicate, plan and lead others.

EC 2


 Make professional development an everyday event

Employ our program throughout your school or organization, simultaneously developing leadership and academic knowledge.