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High School Clubs

Be apart of a new, exciting movement!

Eventbrite - 2014 Advanced Leadership Camp

This breakthrough high school club helps its members gain an edge as leaders so they can successfully compete in earning scholarships or gaining entrance into the college or job of their choice!! Modelled on how the military trains its officer corps to lead and think strategically, the program has been used to develop business executives, from front-line managers to Chief Executive Officers. Now, high school students have the opportunity to experience an education that most adults do not get!

The club mixes fun, competitive computer-gaming with a specialized curriculum! The objectives are to create self-awareness of strengths, build self-confidence to take-charge and lead a team, and master the critical competencies of leadership that are in greatest demand today. There are six levels of training (one per semester), up to 240 hours of leadership training to bolser student resumes.


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